10 Things To  Prepare Your Dog For The Cold Winter Months

It’s a Winter Wonderland, make sure your best friend is prepared for the cold, snow and freezing temperatures whether going outside to play or just for a walk.

Every dog is different, but these TEN cold weather tips will make the winter a little more bearable for your pup.

1. Fur Babies need a coat too…..

Unless you have a pup was born with a winter coat like Husky or Newfie, spend the money to buy them a nice winter coat!!!! Bark and Purr has some great coats available for purchase, in-store and online.

2. Those boots are made for Walking.

You wear shoes and so should your pup to protect their paws. However, if your dog refuses to wear booties, then be sure to trim the hair on the paws. Hair gets wet in the snow and freezes or just stays wet. Have you ever had wet jeans, yeah pretty much the same feeling? Keep your dog’s paw hair short and clean. But not TOO short. Consider a Professional Groomer if you are reluctant.

3. Who let the dogs out.

City dogs may need a balm for their paws to protect and treat the paws from salted sidewalks. Vaseline works, but don’t let them lick it! At the very least, dogs exposed to a lot of salt should have their paws cleaned regularly to prevent chronic dryness. Check out our paw saving Balms.

4. No salt added.

Salt is terrible for your dog paws but can also be toxic if ingested. The same is true for chemical de-icers that are used to thaw sidewalks or car windshields. Be aware of treated areas and keep your dog away.

5.Keep their ears dry.

If you can find ear muff for your friend, why not? No seriously, if your pup plays in the snow, make sure to dry their ears well when they come in to prevent painful ear infections. Consider our Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel.

6. The Christmas Story.

Use plastic bowl outside. Metal bowls freeze and pose hazards to your dog’s tongue, remember The Christmas Story Movie.

7. Water Works.

 Your dog is probably wearing extra layers for the winter and you probably have the heat turned to high so your dog will need extra water. Get them a new bowl.

8. Cuddle Buddy.

Don’t forget to bring out the extra blanket for you pooch. Winter weather brings drafts, that can cause smaller or thin-coated dogs to be chilly. Dogs want to snuggle up too. Consider a new cozy doggie bed or a soft, cozy blanket.

9. Matted Hair, And I Care.

Clumpy, matted fur doesn’t keep your dog warm as insulate as well as a clean coat, and it takes longer to dry. Get the tools you need to keep your dogs hair in order.

10.  Extra treats.

Who doesn’t love treats? Your dog uses more calories to stay warm in the winter, weather they are inside or outside. Stock up on their favorite treat to keep up their energy levels. You can both set a New Year Resolution so you can be ready for the summer. We also sell summer gear, check back for our full line for the summer.