With more consumers looking to incorporate healthier diets into their pets’ lives, there is no surprise that healthy pet treats have risen in popularity in recent years. With more pet parents paying close attention to nutrition and constantly seeking convenience, they have discovered freeze dried treats offer the best of both worlds.

As it is now common for owners take their dogs with them almost everywhere they are allowed, it is no surprise that the portability of freeze-dried dog treats has made them increasingly popular with pet owners. The lightweight, easy-to-store characteristics aren't the only reason for the rise of freeze dried treats. The nutritional value of these products nearly outshines the convenience factor when pet parents are searching for the best treat option for dogs:

  1. Freeze drying preserves meat with no chemicals. When a food is freeze dried, it is first flash frozen at a low temperature, and then the moisture is removed through a vacuum process. Because bacteria needs water to thrive, freeze dried foods are preserved in a safe way without the use of chemical preservatives or additives.
  2. Less ingredients, less guilt. Most freeze dried raw treats contain an absolute minimum of ingredients. With more pets concerned with allergies and additives, freeze dried treats offer a simple, nutritious option for both cats and dogs.
  3. Freeze dried meat has more nutrients. Because the heat of baking or dehydration kills off many of the nutrients that pets need, freeze drying provides a flavorful, healthy treat for our furry friends.
  4. More bang for the buck. Freeze drying removes water, which significantly reduces the size and weight of freeze dried treats. A 10oz bag if freeze dried treats equals 35oz of meat before the freeze drying process!