Temperament Testing is designed to evaluate an individual dog's temperament through a series of test that measure traits including-

  • Stability
  • Confidence
  • Shyness
  • Friendliness
  • Aggressiveness
  • Possessiveness 
  • Protectiveness 
  • Prey instincts 
  • Playfulness 
  • Defensive behavior
  • Ability to distinguish between threatening and non-threatening situations. 


  • Temperament is the animals natural or innate responses of its environment, its emotional responses. It is considered stable over time, and is the foundation of personality. The character can influence it but cannot change it. 
  • Most temperament testing research has been done in shelters in order to predict aggression in potential adoption candidates, and also to screen for specific behavior problems such as separation anxiety and food or resource guarding.  At Bark & Purr, we use for the same reasons, to ensure that we can provide a safe and worry-free environment for you pets.  
  • In its simplest form, a temperament test is testing a behavioral response to specific stimulus from an individual dog. 
  • In addition, the dogs Character is evaluated. Character is considered the products of the animal's environment and experiences. The behaviors seen are the animal's habits of responding to stimuli. These develop secondary to experiences, a learning history. It is influenced by changing environments. 
  • The final thing evaluated is Personality. Personality is a combination of temperament and character, an animals overall way of responding to the environment. It is based on past experience and genetic tendencies 

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